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Picket held in Moscow to protest against the extradition of Uzbek mandate refugees

11.08.2006    source:
The Prosecutor General has decided to extradite the men despite the fact that all have been given mandate refugee status by the UHHCR

A picket was held today on Pushkin Square in Moscow against the extradition from Russian of the 13 Uzbeks being held in the pre-trial detention centre [SIZO] in the town of Ivanovo.

The Uzbekistan authorities claim that the men took part in the events at Andijon in May and accuse them of terrorism and murder.

Member of the People’s Movement of Uzbekistan “Berlik” “Bakhrom Khamroev says that any trial which awaits the men in Uzbekistan cannot be just.

As already reported (cf., the Prosecutor General of Russia took the decision to hand the citizens of Uzbekistan over despite the fact that they have been declared mandate refugees by representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
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