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Turkmenistan to try Radio Svoboda correspondent

23.08.2006    source:
No explanation has been given for Ogulsapar Muradova’s arrest and she has not been allowed to see a lawyer

23 August 2006 Ogulsapar Muradova, correspondent from Radio Svoboda [Radio Liberty] is facing trial in Turkmenistan.

International human rights groups have repeatedly expressed strong concern over Ogulsapar Muradova’s having been arrested with no explanation given. She has not been allowed to see a lawyer. According to human rights groups psychotropic drugs have been used. 

The acting president of Radio Free Europe / Radio Svoboda Jeff Trimble has registered emphatic protest against Muradova’s detention, and stresses that this is in breach of all laws – domestic and international.

The journalist was arrested in June together with two human rights activists. One of the latter was before the court on Friday, charged with illegal possession of a weapon.

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