war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Statement from the Journalist Initiative “ANTIRUIN”

As the reconstruction work still continues in the centre of Lviv, journalists have rallied to call for an end to this barbarism and to use all means in their power to inform Ukrainians and the world community of what is happening
To the Deputies of the Lviv City Council
As journalists from Lviv media outlets and people from Lviv working for Kyiv media outlets, we are appealing to you to put an end to the vandalism which is being committed in the central area of our city.
Under the guise of preparations for Lviv’s 750-year anniversary, we are witnessing the regular and systematic destruction of the history, architecture and the spirit of this old city which thanks to its very individual nature has been placed on the UNESCO Heritage List. There have been repeated and well-argued calls in the media to stop ruining Market Square, yet the numerous protests from journalists and specialists have been left hanging, confronted by inaction and the populism of the city’s Mayor Andriy Sadovy, with whose tacit consent this architectural catastrophe is being allowed to happen. The final straw which forced us to resort to these unusual steps was the pseudo-restoration of the fountains on Market Square which in the near future risk leading to their complete destruction. We do not want future generations of Lviv residents to be looking at a “woman with an oar” instead of the statue of Diana.
Going by the conclusions of many specialists who love and value their city, we are today yet again forced to state that the work in the historical part of the city is being carried out in an unqualified manner and hastily, without planning, without the necessary permits and plans, and in the final analysis, without any clear strategy. The legendary Lviv cobblestones, the unique fountains, facades of historic buildings – must all of them be destroyed before the conscience of the authorities of the city is finally awakened?
Esteemed Deputies! You represent political forces in which the public have entrusted Lviv’s fate over the next years. Due to the cynical position taken by the top leaders of the city, today it remains up to you how Lviv will be seen by our children and grandchildren. It is for you to determine whether you will save the city or, together with those who at present want to bury this old city join the black list of Lviv’s destroyers.
As your voters we demand:
• that any further destruction of Lviv is immediately stopped;
• that a special commission of deputies is formed to investigation the circumstances and consequences of the pseudo-restoration of the historic part of the city, as well as how the money allocated for the 750-year anniversary has been used;
• that those responsible for the vandalism on Market Square are named, and the means available to the deputy corps are applied to bring them to answer.

On our part we promise to use all our professional possibilities to ensure the circulation of truthful information about the so-called restoration and those who have initiated it in the nationwide and international media
Drawn up and agreed on 5 September at a meeting of the Journalist Initiative “ANTIRUIN”

There are approximately 100 signatures below the original statement in Ukrainian from television, radio and press journalists
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