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Crimean environmentalists hail victory

13.09.2006    source:
Thanks to the concerted efforts of the public, the media and his own representatives in the Crimea, President Yushchenko has cancelled a Decree creating an environmentally disastrous transport and industrial complex

Thanks to the efforts of the public, the mass media, the Representative Office of the President in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and repeated information being passed to the Head of State, in Decree № 752/2006 from 11.09.06 President Yushchenko reversed the decision from 23 September 2005 “On measures for creating the Crimean sea transport and industrial complex “Donuzlav”.

This vital decision for both the Crimea and for Ukraine as a whole can only be greeted by those who exerted such effort to fight the technocrats lobbying for the plan. The victory is the result of joint efforts by environmentalists, scientists, journalists, deputies of different levels, as well as the President’s Representative in the Crimea, who understand the need to protect the unique western Crimean coast and the irreplaceable beaches of the Kalamitska Bay.

The reversal of the decree on creating “Donuzlav” demonstrates that it is possible to win in this difficult battle only by consolidating forces. The 2005 Decree which was essentially a death toll for the West of the Crimea and the world-famous children’s sanatorium Yevpatoriya made Viktor Yushchenko persona non grata for the Crimean environmental community. However perhaps the President has redeemed himself in time.

The Crimean republican association “The Environment and Peace” congratulates all on this momentous event of inter-state significance and calls for a continued firm stance in defending the unique nature of the Crimea.

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