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Several thousand people took part in Belarusian Solidarity Day opposition meetings

17.09.2006    source:
In Minsk on 16 September thousands lit candles in memory of those who disappeared and called for an end to dictatorship (updated)

In Minsk on 16 September Solidarity actions to mark the anniversary of the disappearance of Belarusian politicians and a journalist were attended by several thousand people.

The Belarusian Service of Radio Svoboda reported that the actions included a concert “Songs of Freedom” which was broadcast live by virtually all influential FM-stations in Latvia.

During his address to the participants, the leader of the united democratic forces Aleksandr Milinkevich declared that “dictatorship can be defeated only on the square” and called on people to light candles in solidarity on the capital’s October Square

After some time the electricity was cut off, and the concert was broken up. In protest, members of the action set off towards October Square. On their way from Bangalore Square to the city centre enforcement units detained several participants.

Nonetheless several hundred young people did still gather on October Square where they formed a chain holding candles. The riot people demanded that they disperse since the action had not been sanctioned by the city authorities.  The police later forced them off the Square which they then completely cordoned off.

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