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“Medical certificates”: the Right to privacy upheld by the court

28.09.2006    source:
A press conference on 2 October on the above issue will discuss the important right to confidentiality of medical information upheld by the court this year, and why this ruling is being blithely ignored throughout the country

A Press Conference will take place on 3 October entitled: “Medical certificates outlawed: the right to privacy upheld by the court”

The court ruling has now come into force which declares unlawful the inter-departmental Order regulating the form and procedure for filling in medical certificates (to confirm that a person was unable to come to work) where information about the diagnosis and the code of the illness are given.

A court wrangle upholding the right to confidentiality of information about a person’s state of health was won by Vinnytsa doctor Svitllana Poberezhets against four ministries and departments headed by the Ministry of Health.

The problem is one affecting virtually all people living in Ukraine without exception, since in 2005 alone almost 11 million such certificates were issued by medical establishments.

Yet the majority of such medical clinics, hospitals etc are still continuing to indicate the diagnosis on the medical certificates.

Tens of thousands of people continue to suffer trauma or experience discrimination in the workplace through disclosure of diagnoses by irresponsible personnel or ill-disposed colleagues.

  • Who is responsible for this latest display of legal confusion in the country?
  • Will the Ministry of Health cope with a deluge of further civil suits from citizens whose right to privacy is continuing to be disregarded through the inaction of state bureaucrats?
  • What is to be done about the medical certificates issued in their millions to school and higher education students?


These issues will be discussed by:

Svitllana Poberezhets, anaesthetist and resuscitation expert from the Vinnytsa City Clinical Hospital (who lodged and won the recent civil suit)

Dmytro Groisman. Coordinator of the Vinnytsa Human Rights Group

Pavlo Skala, head of the program on policy and advocacy for the “International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine”

Roman Romanov – director of the program “Rule of Law” of the International “Renaissance” Foundation


Location:  UNIAN Information Agency (Kyiv)

Time:  11.00, 2 October 2006

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