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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Human rights defenders speak of Anna Politkovskaya

08.10.2006    source:

Sergei Kovalyov

Anna Stepanovna was inconvenient. At times she even caused discomfort to those who shared her views, let alone bandits and those in power. I have no doubts that this very inconvenience will be used by the investigators, suggesting that there were people from all camps who held a grudge against her, in this clan or clique she annoyed.

There is however the main inconvenience – she was inconvenient for our present way of life. Therefore, whoever committed this despicable crime had or could confidently assume that he had sanction to do it. The person who ordered the killing knew he wouldn’t be found.

People! They killed a passionate inconvenient woman. Where is our shame?

Alexander Podrabinek

Anna Politkovskaya  was the hope of those who were destitute, persecuted, deprived of their rights. For many she was their last hope.

When there seemed no justice, defence and compassion, Anna Politkovskaya was the last hope for very many people. Her impassioned words gave them strength and confidence that they had not been abandoned to their fate where absolute fear, violence and lawlessness reign.

Alla Gerber

They have killed Anna Politkovskaya. Our Anya who never feared anyone or anything. But they feared her words – honest, blunt and disinterested.  There is no mercy for such people in our country.

She was murdered by fascism which has different voices and faces, but one essence, and that is hatred to all that are different. They hated her for her commitment to those whom they humiliated, persecuted, murdered. They killed her for a quality which is rare in our times – remaining true to the ideals of justice.

We mourn together with your family and friends.

We will not cease looking for those guilty.

We will not betray your memory, beloved Anya

Vladimir Bukovsky

She was a courageous person who wrote a lot about the war and its victims. She was well-known in the West. The reason for her murder is plain, and they can’t point to financial or business interests, she had none. Her only enemy was the corrupted Russian system which probably killed her.

Nicola Dackworth

Amnesty International is devastated by Anna Politkovskaya’s murder. Russia has lost a brave and committed defender of human rights who fearless fought against violence and wrong and was untiring in her struggle for the triumph of justice.

Amnesty International calls on the Russian government to take urgent measures to ensure that all human rights defenders and independent journalists in Russia, including those working in the Northern Caucuses, can continue their work in safety.

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