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On the murder of Anna Politkovskaya


The Committee on Monitoring Press Freedom in the Crimea and the Crimean Association of Free Journalists join today’s all-Ukrainian action by journalists in memory of the well-known Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, murdered on 7 October in Moscow.

Anna’s murder has devastated Crimean journalists, they cannot leave any decent person in Ukraine unmoved. We share the concern and outrage of Russian journalists and human rights defenders, and endorse the assessment of the Ukrainian and world community.

We cannot calmly observe how the spectre of fascism is raising its head in a neighbouring country, how the authorities are brainwashing their fellow citizens and persecuting the opposition, how they are organizing xenophobic hysteria, police raids and the deportation of people on ethnic grounds. The murder of Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist not afraid to write about that, is the logical continuation of such state police in Russia.

We extend our sincere sympathy to Anna Politkovskaya’s family, friends and colleagues and hope that we can together force the Russian authorities to investigate this appalling crime, and together ensure punishment for the criminals and condemnation of those who set them up to it.

In expressing our solidarity with our Russian journalist colleagues, we call on them to unite and be firm in standing up for their rights, and the rights of their fellow citizens to receive objective information.

Volodymyr Prytula, Head of the Committee on Monitoring Press Freedom in the Crimea

Lilia Budzhurova,  Chair of the Coordination Council,

The Crimean Association of Free Journalists

 10 October 2006

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