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Volyn journalists adopt Code of Journalist Honour

Problems and lack of cooperation among Volyn journalists have prompted the Volyn Independent Media Trade Union to adopt its own Code of Journalist Honour

At its meeting on 15 November the Volyn Independent Media Trade Union adopted its own Code of Journalist Honour, the newspaper “Volyn Pravda” reports, citing the head of the Trade Union Bohdan Stelmakh.

In view of the developing trends among Volyn journalists towards disunity, aloofness from problems faced by their colleagues and not infrequently, hostility towards one another (this being demonstrated particularly vividly by several forums on one of the leading websites), the Volyn Independent Media Trade Union Committee has drawn up and offered for discussion by other members of the branch a Code of Journalist Honour.

Stelmakh says that this document is nothing new in the media realm since there are many codes of journalist ethics adopted by the National Union of Journalists, the Committee on Journalist Ethics, the Professional Journalists Society and other organizations. However the document is based on the real situation among Volyn journalists and should regulate the professional behaviour and relations between members of the trade union.

The Chair of the Volyn Independent Media Trade Union Committee Oleksandr Pyrozhyk notes that the need for such a code is based on the lack of journalist solidarity in the Volyn  region. “At least members of the trade union should show solidarity and not compromise themselves and their colleagues in front of other journalists”.

The list of ethical standards with amendments and additions was passed by an overwhelming majority. From now on each journalist who wishes to join the trade union will be informed of the Code of Journalist Honour.

Volyn Pravda

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