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Nina Karpachova is no longer Human Rights Ombudsperson

17.11.2006    source:
The Verkhovna Rada has terminated her duties and now, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, has 20 days to put forward new candidates for the post

On Friday 17 November the Verkhovna Rada suspended ahead of term Nina Karpachova’s position as Authorised Human Rights Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Human Rights Ombudsperson).

The motion was voted for by 385 of the 439 State Deputies registered.

The resolution was due to the election of Karpachova as State Deputy (on the candidate list of the Party of the Regions – UNIAN) in the elections held in March of this year.

The resolution envisages that Nina Karpachova will continue to carry out the duties Human Rights Ombudsperson until her successor is sworn in.  Nina Karpachova reminded the Verkhovna Rada that in accordance with Ukrainian legislation candidates for the post of Authorised Human Rights Representative should be put forward within the next 20 days.

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