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Civic organizations in the Lviv region launch a movement against total vaccinations

21.11.2006    source:

Civic organizations in the Lviv region are proposing that public hearings be held with the involvement of doctors and legal experts on the issue of children’s vaccinations, the compulsory nature of which is an infringement of constitutional and civic rights.

This was stated today at a press conference given by the civic organizations “Nasha Ukraina” and “Rukh oporu” [“Resistance movement”].

“Legislation on the one hand envisages that vaccinations are voluntary, on the other prohibits children who have not been vaccinated according to the vaccination timetable attending any schools and other institutions for children. This is in contravention of the Constitution. The conflict needs to be removed through introducing amendments to legislation”, the head of the civic centre of “Nasha Ukraina”, Yury Antonyuk stated.

The members of the civic organizations explain their activity as being due to an increase in the number of appeals from members of the public over the compulsory nature of the vaccinations. “There is no information about the consequences which such vaccinations can have. In schools vaccinations are forced on people. Furthermore, in case of complications arising, the doctors bear no responsibility and refuse to register the complications as having been the result of the vaccination.  There is no possibility of a court review of such cases because of the corporate solidarity among the doctors”, the participants in the press conference were unanimous in stressing.

They propose abolishing the norms on mandatory vaccinations, developing a widespread campaign to make parents aware of the consequences of vaccinations, and bearing in mind the circumstances allowing parents to independently determine the need for prophylactic vaccinations, as well as increasing control over the quality of vaccinations brought into Ukraine.

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