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“Vechirny Kyiv” [“Evening Kyiv”] may be at threat of closure over the conflict with Chernovetsky

29.11.2006    source:
Instead of the promised agreements on editorial policy, etc, financial backup for the newspaper appears to have stopped, placing its continued existence in question

Secretary of the Committee on Culture and Information Policy and Deputy of the Kyiv City Council Oleksandr Brihynets has expressed doubts about the chances that the Kyiv Council with its present members will be able to defend the newspaper “Vechirny Kyiv” in its conflict with the Kyiv City State Administration [KCSA].

“Unfortunately neither “Fundamental principles of editorial policy” nor any documents have been signed”, Brihynets says. “After attempts to discuss the issue in our committee and in the Verkhovna Rada profile committee, the situation has only worsened. The Kyiv City State Administration has stopped financing the newspaper, the advance to employees has not been paid, the management of the publishing company where the newspaper is printed are threatening (cf. Letter No. 390 from 24 November 2006) to stop printing the publication because of its debts.

While the profile management of the KCSA is writing a letter explaining why the money set out in the Budget is not being paid, the publishing company is saying it will stop the newspaper coming out.

In view of this Brihynets has called on businesspeople and simply members of the public to support “Vechirny Kyiv” in its conflict with the KCSA.

The Deputy’s press service reports that on 29 November the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information will hold hearings on reforming the state and municipal press. It is likely that the issue of “Vechirny Kyiv” will also be on the agenda.

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