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Why do the Russian Migration Service and the MIA distort the facts?

06.12.2006    source:
Svetlana Gannushkina

On 29 October the Civic Assistance Committee sent formal enquiries to the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Migration Service of Russia, as well as an open letter to the Russian Federation FSB [Security Service] regarding the illegal deportation from Russian of Uzbekistan national Rustam Muminov.

The deportation took place on 24 October, four days after the European Court of Human Rights applied rule No. 39, calling on the government of Russia to halt the deportation of Muminov to Uzbekistan until further notice.

The fact that Muminov was handed over to the Uzbekistan authorities was in contravention of the refusal by the Prosecutor General to extradite Muminov.  Nor had the ruling of the Tverskoy District Court in Moscow from 17 October regarding his deportation entered into force, and it was appealed in the Moscow City Court. The cassation appeal was upheld, and on 29 November the same Tverskoy District Court, on a second review handed down a ruling terminating the proceedings on deporting Rustam Muminov on the grounds of a lack of administrative offence.

On Tuesday 5 December we received the first answer dated 1 December and signed by the Deputy Director of the Federal Migration Service M.L. Tyurkin.  His answer is also on behalf of the MIA, and claims that the deportation of Muminov was “lawful and justified”. In addition, as has already been the case with the official mass media, the FMS wrongly gives the date of deportation as 27 October.

Such a distortion of the facts is still more extraordinary given that the real date of the deportation, 24 October, was already over a month ago confirmed in documents presented by the Russian authorities in response to a formal request from the European Court of Human Rights.

The only explanation which we can find for such a clear discrepancy between the facts and the content of this response is that the roles of both the RF Federal Migration Service and of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which was holding Muminov in custody were secondary.  “The first fiddle” in this extradition, masked as an administrative deportation, was played by the FSB,  This became apparent when the same lie was circulated with a reference to the Public Relations Centre of the FSB RF in the reports of the information agencies RIA-Novosti and ITAR-TASS.


Svetlana Gannushkina is the Director of the Civic Assistance Committee

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