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Historian who denies the Holocaust thrown out of a book fair in Poland

19.05.2007    source:

British historian and writer David Irving who denies the Holocaust was thrown out of the annual International Book Fair in Warsaw, a correspondent from France Presse reported.

The 69-year-old positioned himself near the stand of the publishing house Focal Point in order to advertise his books. However the exhibition organizers demanded that he immediately leave the building since neither he, nor his publisher, had been invited.

Irving expressed outrage at such treatment and accused the Poles of disregarding freedom of speech and violating his human rights. However, following a brief verbal wrangle and threats to call the police, he was forced to leave. The security guards also removed three boxes of boxes which he had brought to the fair.

Irving spent 13 months in an Austrian prison recently for his denial of the Holocaust. The authorities in some countries have banned him entry. Over the last few years he has somewhat modified his position. He has stopped denying the existing of gas chambers at Oświęcim [Auschwitz] however he still maintains that the figure of 6 million Jews murdered is highly exaggerated.

Denial of the Holocaust is a criminal offence in Poland.

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