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All punished, but not so very guilty?

22.05.2007 |

The Minister of Education and Science announced today at a press conference that all those who involved school children in the coalition’s political rallies had been punished. Stanislav Nikolayenko stated that in all regions where such incidents had occurred, official investigations had been carried out and those responsible found.

The Minister however also said that talk of mass involvement of school children at such rallies was an exaggeration. He claimed that the case in Chyhyryn School No. 3 in the Cherkasy region, where the head of the parents’ committee had organized the trip by the school children to a political rally of the coalition, had been a planned action by opponents.

In his words: “The fact that it was planned, that journalists were brought there for show is absolutely clear to me. I want to say that the relevant order has been issue and those responsible brought to answer.”

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