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The SBU break up a porn studio using children in Odessa

10.07.2007    source:
The accused are alleged to have coerced or deceived adolescents, aged between 12 and 17, into being filmed in pornographic material which they planned to sell on the Internet

Officers of the Odessa Regional Department of the Security Service [SBU] have stopped a criminal gang who they believe to have filmed and sold pornographic films using adolescents from 12 to 17 years old in Odessa over the last year.

According to the Head of the Press Service of the Odessa Regional SBU, a criminal investigation has been launched. It is believed that the gang was headed by a 40-year old Odessan with a previous conviction, who used another person to rent private premises for the studio.

The adolescents were forced to take part in the filming, threatened or tricked. The alleged organizer of the studio himself had sexual relations with the boys and handed them to others for sexual services. It has been established that at least 5 adolescents took part in the films. The videos were sold in Odessa through middlemen, with a 30 minute film selling for up to 2 thousand dollars. The gang is alleged to have intended to sell their pornography via the Internet.

The Press Service representative said that the head of the studio was well-off and “with connections”.

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