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Almost one in two Ukrainians has paid a bribe over the last year

14.09.2007    source:

This was the finding of a nationwide survey carried out at the beginning of September by the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.  The Director of the Institute Lyubov Naidyonova presented their results at a press conference on 13 September at the UNIAN press centre in Kyiv.

Around 47% of the respondents said that they had paid bribes over the last year (against 50.2% in 2006). Most often, although this was down on last year, this had been to doctors (30.9% against 35.9% in 2006). In second place were bribes to teachers – 16.9%; in third – traffic police – 13.1%.  According to Ms Naidyonova, these last two had virtually not changed.

Next came employees of the public authorities – 6.3%; police officers – 5.3%; employees of ZHEK [housing and communal services departments] - 5.2%; judges – 2.8%; tax officials – 2.7%; customs officers – 1.9% and firemen – 1.7%

Ms Naidyonova reported that the most affected by corruption were the western and central regions. Here 54% and 53.5% respectively had felt forced to resort to bribes, as opposed to 40.2% in the eastern region and 37.5% in the south.

50% of those surveyed believed that bribes were paid during entrance exams for higher educational institutions. Ms Naidyonova however stressed that the number here had been steadily falling over the last three years (in September 2005 it had been almost 60%), indicating that the number of people with a negative image regarding corruption in higher education had noticeably fallen.

At the same time she said that this positive trend had to some extent been devalued by the fact that the those respondents (58.9%) from families with young people who had applied for institutes or become students that year most often refuted the claim that there was no corruption at entrance exams .  This was ascertained via indirect questions to the respondents.

Ms Naidyonova also mentioned that respondents had reported an improvement in the level of readiness of educational institutions for the new academic year.

The survey had an error margin of 2.2%

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