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Modelling agency cover for human trafficking exposed in Kharkiv

20.11.2007    source:

Officers of the Kharkiv Anti-trafficking unit have identified a pseudo modelling agency which was recruiting young women for the United Arab Emirates, supposedly to work as models, but in fact for the sex industry.

The Kharkiv Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs representative explained to the press that the police had succeeded in identifying the bosses and employees of the modelling agency, these being both Ukrainian and Russian nationals. They have also established the system used. The young women, aged between 15 and 23, were offered work as models in the UAE. After the necessary stages, a contract was signed which agreed that for a two-week fashion show in the Emirates, each young woman would receive 500 USD. The firm arranged air tickets and accompanied the young women to Kyiv airport.

At the airport in UAE, the young women were met by people who took their passports away from them and sent them for a medical examination. After this they were told what they would in fact have to do. After two weeks of sexual bondage, the Kharkiv women were returned to Ukraine.

The police have identified over a hundred young victims of this set up.

The criminal investigation is complete and the case has been passed to the court.

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