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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Anti-trafficking unit breaks sex ring


A Sumy regional anti-trafficking unit has uncovered a set up for sending young women from Ukraine to Turkey to work as prostitutes.

According to the Sumy Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, law enforcement officers received information about two brothers organizing recruitment and “sale” abroad from two young women who explained what had happened to them.

One of them said that she had believed the promises made about a wonderful life abroad. In Turkey she had simply been forced to provide sexual services to clients in one of the Turkish casinos. The owners had treated the women like slaves, not giving them food, and forcing them to have 20-25 clients a day.

The young woman was rescued by a female friend who came to Turkey after receiving a note from the victim explaining where she had ended up.

Having returned to Sumy, this second young woman found the two men who’d sent her friend to Turkey and created a huge scandal. The “employers” got nervous and contacted their partners abroad who returned the young woman from Sumy home. However, even after this they didn’t leave the women in peace, and began trying to blackmail them, demanding that they returned the money spent on documents and their travel expenses. The Department’s press release explains that the pressure and threats got worse and worse and so the young women turned to the law enforcement agencies.

The anti-trafficking unit managed to catch the alleged traffickers when the money was being handed over. The unit reports that in the course of the operation, new cases of trafficking were uncovered.  The investigation is continuing.

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