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Prosecutor wants 12 to 14 years for those accused of killing Georgy Gongadze

06.02.2008    source:
The lawyer for the journalist’s widow will be seeking other sentences and believes one of the men to bear greater responsibility

The prosecution in the Gongadze case has asked the court to sentence three men to terms of imprisonment. According to Myroslava Gongadze’s lawyer Valentyna Telychenko, the sentences sought are 14 years for M. Protasov, 13 years for O. Popovych and 12 for V. Kostenko.

Ms Telychenko stated that before the court debate, V. Kostenko had fully admitted guilt while the others only partially since they insist that there had been no prior conspiracy to kill the journalist.

Furthermore, Mr Protasov had asserted that at the time of the crime he was not a public official since he was on leave.

Ms Telychenko stated that she would be asking for other sentences, but did not specify what. She did mention that she considered Mr Protasov’s guilt in the crime as greater.

She also reported that at the request of the defence, a break had been called until 21 February to give the defence time to prepare for the debates.

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