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Protest over planned nuclear waste container at Chernobyl

10.02.2008 |

Civic organizations are perturbed by statements made by the National Atomic Energy Company “Energoatom” that they are considering building a storage container for spent nuclear waste in the Chernobyl zone.

Environmental groups believe that it would be better to build such containers near each nuclear power station, rather than having one centralized point. This would minimize the risk to the population from transportation of radioactive material around the country.  This option was considered and was not much more expensive than a single storage container.

Dmytro Khmara from the Ukrainian National Ecological Centre says that they are not prepared to accept Energoatom’s plan to turn the Chernobyl zone into a graveyard for radioactive waste. “Each station must answer for the waste it produces and not lay the responsibility on the State.”

Given the impact this plan would have for the entire population, environmentalists are insistent that there should be public hearings in Kyiv.

“You get the impression that Energoatom is trying to hold hearings merely with its own employees in the city of Slavutych. This decision cannot be taken without full public debate which the nuclear energy people are trying to avoid at all costs”, Mr Khmara stresses.

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