war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Vasily Aleksanian is chained to his bed

According to Aleksanian’s representative at the European Court of Human Rights, the conditions his terminally ill client are being held in are even worse than in the remand centre

Drew Holiner: ’We are absolutely horrified that he is permanently attached to his bed in such unhygienic surroundings. His conditions are now even worse than when he was in the prison. He is not in a dedicated hospital for AIDS as requested by the Court, nor do we know that his treatment is satisfactory in a facility more used to dealing with pensioners than life threatening illnesses.
He told us he had been desperately trying to contact us but was refused access to a phone or a means to get a message to us.  He is very, very isolated.  We have no idea when we can next meet with him and he has no idea when he will next be able to see us.  This is very troubling as we know that he has consistently been under pressure to give false testimony against former colleagues in return for some form of deal.  His isolation and his present circumstances are making him very vulnerable to such demands.  He is a sick and brave man, but I do not know how much of this he can take.’

Mr Aleksanyan is handcuffed to his bed and can only lie down, sit up or stand by his bed.  The 24 hour manacle is hardly ever removed and Mr Aleksanyan, who can walk, is forced to undertake all personal hygiene in bed.  Despite agreement amongst his doctors that he must be bathed daily, he has only had access to shower facilities twice. He is receiving some medical treatment, but in facilities that are degrading, un-sanitary and in breach of international standards of in-patient care. (from Drew Holiner’s news release re. Aleksanyan’s new plight)

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