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In Memoriam: Inna Fedushchak

24.02.2008    source:

Inna Fedushchak, Head of the “Poshuk” [“Search”] Society and member of the International Historical, Educational and Human Rights Society “Memorial”, has died in Lviv, aged 71.

A indefatigable researcher and curator of the memory of the years of repression and deprivation, an intelligent, kind and cultured woman, this is how we will always remember our friend and collegue, Inna Fedushchak.

Inna Fedushchak was born in Kyiv, the daughter of a Ukrainian historian and victim of the repressions, Viktor Yurkevych. She lived in Lviv.

She was a teacher of mathematics and a school regional area specialist. She had forty years experience of search expeditions, and led the youth search club “Fakel” [“Torch”]. From 1970 she researched unknown fates and the graves of victims of World War II, creating two school museums.

In 1989 she joined “Memorial” and headed the Lviv branch of the Society, which from 1996 was registered as the charitable regional Society “Poshuk”.

In 2005 she was awarded the Polish Cavalier Cross for her huge contribution to immortalizing the memory of victims of political repression
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