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Gongadze’s killers receive long sentences. And those who ordered his murder?

15.03.2008    source:

The Kyiv Court of Appeal has found three former police officers guilty of murdering the journalist Georgy Gongadze and imprisoned them for 12-13 years.

The panel of judges, presided over by Judge Iryna Grigoryeva, passed sentence on Saturday.

Valery Protasov was sentenced to 13 years, while Oleksandr Popovych and Valery Kostenko received 12-year terms.  The sentences may be appealed through cassation procedure in the course of the next month.

One of the men accused of killing Gongadze, the former head of the department all the men worked in, Oleksiy Lukach is on the run.

And as the title stresses, there is absolutely no visible progress in bringing those who ordered the journalist’s murder to justice. 

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