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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Murdered anti-fascist teenager mourned in Moscow

20.03.2008    source:

Hundreds of people took part in a remembrance action for the activist of the youth movement “Antifa” Alexei Krylov killed by neo-Nazis in the centre of Moscow.

Alexei’s friends gathered on Maroseika St where they laid flowers, lit candles and unfurled a banner reading “Fascism will not succeed!”

An hour later, about three hundred young people gathered near the Kropotkinskaya metro station. Chanting the slogans: “For the authorities fascism is hooliganism”, “We won in 1945, we’ll win now!” and “Fascists kill, and the authorities cover them”, they marched down Gogol Boulevard, turned onto Arbat and stopped at Smolenskaya Square.

The police were out in force but did not interfere, nor were any extremist youth groups to be seen.

Last Saturday, 15 skinheads armed with knives attacked a group of punks leaving a concert at the club “Art Garbage”. Sixteen-year-old Alexei Krylov from Noginsk died in the ensuing fight.

On 14 March on the forum of “Spartak” fans, a topic was introduced discussing the attack on the concert. The topic was later deleted however the text remained in the cache of search machines. The “instructions” written by the forum moderator, states for example: “1) 1 or a few people should go to the club before Sunday to pace it out; 2) dress as much as possible like other people; 3) only don’t go close to the club”.

This is not the first such attack. On 23 November 2007 in a fight at a concert given by the punk group “The King and the Fool” in St Petersburg, a concertgoer was killed. Adolescents with football club “Zenit” scarves, including seven skinheads, initiated the fight.

In April 2006 19-year-old anti-fascist Alexander Ryukhin was killed, also before a punk concert.

A criminal investigation into the attack and murder has been initiated.

According to the Sova Centre, just in February there were 44 victims of racist violence, with 12 deaths. In all since the beginning of the year 26 people have died, and another 71 have received injuries of varying degrees of seriousness. In 2007 632 people in Russia suffered from xenophobic aggression with 67 people killed.

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