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Zhytomyr judge faces charges over exploiting prisoners


A judge from the Zhytomyr region is accused of using people imprisoned for 15 days to help build his father’s dacha. He could now face between 5 and 8 years imprisonment himself.

The judge “borrowed” the men from he had himself sentenced to 15 days imprisonment for minor offences from the temporary holding centre where they were being held.

While in some cases a court ruling may designate community work, the judge in this situation is alleged to have simply used the prisoners as free labour.

The Zhytomyr Regional Prosecutor’s office believe that the judge abused his position on a number of occasions.

At the police station, the imprisoned men were handed over to the judge each morning and returned in the evening. There is even the judge’s signature taking responsibility for the men while they were working for him.

The prosecutor’s office has indicated that they are also carrying out a check with regard to the police officers who handed the men over. The Ministry of Internal Affairs Department for the Zhytomyr Region is not making any comment.

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