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Crimean Tatar squatters evicted from flats in Alushta

10.04.2008    source:

Court bailiffs on the morning of 10 April removed repatriants from flats they had squatted on Yuvileina St in Alushta (the Crimea). According to member of the executive committee of the Alushta Regional Mejilis Emir Voyenny, who witnessed the eviction, 16 families were evicted from their homes.

The bailiffs were accompanied by police officers, numbering according to different reports from 800 to 1000 men, including some from Special Forces units. . An armed troop carrier was brought up to the building which Mr Voyenny says was used to block access, while traffic police surrounded the entry into the micro-district.

He says that the eviction was carried out without any scandal since the Crimean Tatars had been warned that it would take place. “This was the third attempt to evict them. People lived with the fact that they would be evicted at some stage.”

The Crimean police say that  the inhabitants of13 squatted flats were removed.

The Press Service of the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatars reports that the eviction was carried out on the basis of a court order from the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv. “The families left the flats they had occupied without resistance. However the situation of some of the families is catastrophic since they don’t even have a place where they can leave their things, not to speak of where they will live”.

Members of the Alushta Regional Mejilis say that the most real help for those who are now without shelter will be to allocate land for them to build homes.

In winter 2005, the repatriants occupied a part of the flats in an apartment block, saying that they had nowhere to live. In 2006 an attempt was made by the bailiffs to evict them however it failed with the people not vacating the flats.  

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