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Muslim cemetery desecrated near Simferopol


Another Muslim cemetery in the Crimea, this time in the settlement of Chistenke near Simferopol, was desecrated in the morning of Friday 11 April.  Press Secretary for the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatars Lilya Muslimova reports that the exact number of gravestones attacked is unknown, although unverified reports speak of around 40.  There are over 500 graves in the cemetery.

Ms Muslimova explained that the Muslim cemetery is separated from the Christian by a fence. Graves in the Christian cemetery were not touched.

The fence also had the words daubed in red paint “Tatars out of the Crimea”, with a hangman’s noose.

During the day around 300 people gathered at the cemetery – residents of surrounding settlements, police, the Security Service [SBU], deputies from the Crimean Parliament from the “Kuruptai-Rukh” and others.

As reported here, during the night from 9 to 10 February almost all the gravestones at the Muslim cemetery in the Nizhnyohirske settlement (Crimea) were destroyed, and the dog guarding the cemetery killed.

A criminal investigation has been launched under Article 297 of the Criminal Code (desecration of graves).

At the beginning of April xenophobic graffiti against the Crimean Tatars appeared in Simferopol. Similar graffiti appeared this week in the city of Belogorsk.

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