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We all bear responsibility for the truth

Help us clean up!

  Since four media outlets –the BBC, Deutsche Welle, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph - followed a Russian television channel in presenting totally inaccurate and misleading information about a Hitler doll on sale in Kyiv, the Internet has become polluted with poisonous lies.

  Three of the above-named, the BBC, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph quietly removed the offending material. At least one, the Daily Mail, only reacted this week after being informed clearly by the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group that a formal complaint would be made to the UK Press Complaints Commission.

  We welcome such action, albeit belated, in effectively recognizing and removing untruthful and biased material, however reiterate that the false information is now sullying many websites on the Internet with reference to those original sources.

  We call on Deutsche Welle, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph to make official statements of apology and retraction of the information they published.  We received an apology today from the BBC, however bearing in mind the distress caused and damage to Ukraine’s image, we would respectfully ask for a public statement on this matter.

  As Victory Day approaches, we believe it fitting in remembrance of all victims of Nazism in Ukraine to take all measures to clear the Internet of these profoundly offensive and misleading comments.

  We call on all Internet websites who placed material regarding Hitler dolls which contains false, biased and misleading allegations to take them off your sites.

  We call on members of the public to join us in writing to the media outlets concerned, as well as those who have reposted the offending material. Sample letters, and addresses can be found here: It would be helpful if you copy your letters to us at [email protected]  Write also if you have any problems and / or suggestions.

  We hope the media outlets will heed our call.  If they do not, we will be forced to approach the relevant regulatory bodies in the UK and Germany.

We are entitled to the truth from the media, and we therefore have the right to expect them to take full responsibility for their mistakes.


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