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Crimean journalists complain of obstruction

05.06.2008    source:
According to the head of the Committee for Monitoring Press Freedom, there are many attacks or threats against journalists, and the fact that those responsible go unpunished exacerbates the situation

Crimean journalist organizations speak of no let up in the number of cases where journalists are obstructed in their work.  Head of the Committee for Monitoring Press Freedom in the Crimea Volodymyr Prytula reported this when presenting the annual “White Book of Crimean Journalism”, which presents material on press freedom and journalists’ rights during 2007.

Prytula identifies two main problems which Crimean journalists encounter in their work.  There are, firstly, many attacks or threats against journalists carrying out their work. “Yet none of these has been investigated fully by the city law enforcement bodies, and none of those guilty punished, with this giving them a free hand”, he warns.

He also thinks that despite the openness of the authorities declared in Ukraine, another obstacle to the work of journalists lies in the restricted opportunities for receiving information without any delay from the Crimean authorities.

The Head of the Crimean Association of Free Journalists Lilya Budzhurova stresses the need to create a commission on journalist ethics which could swiftly respond to material in the Crimean media which incites ethnic and religious enmity. She comments that the number of such publications in the Crimean media has in recent times risen.

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