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Commission on Morality seek measures against Russian porn sites


The National Expert Commission on Public Morality has sent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs asking that he approach the Russian Federation Embassy with regard to the circulation of pornography in the Russian social network

The letter states that “According to Article 17 of the Law “On Protection of Public Morality”, specialists from the National Commission carried out a study of the Social Internet network “In contact” which is one of the largest Internet networks in Ukraine and the Russian Federation with around 16 million registered members. The study showed that there are many groups registered on  which contain information (photos and video material) of a pornographic nature and offers of work circulating pornography. This includes the groups “Earn money watching erotic material and porno”, “Lustful adolescents”, “I want sex” and many others (printouts are enclosed)”.

The letter which is signed by the Head of the Commission V. Kostytsky cites an address in Russia where the social network is registered, and names the owner as Russian national Pavel Durov.

It concludes with the request to approach the Russian Federation Embassy regarding not allowing further circulation of pornography materials.

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