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Government draws up Conceptual Framework for Ukraine’s Ethno-National Policy


A draft law on a “Conceptual Framework for Ukraine’s Ethno-National Policy”, drawn up by the Government was passed on 27 December at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to information issued by the Cabinet of Ministers’ Press Service, the Conceptual Framework should become the guide for state bodies when resolving issues of ethno-national development and regulating inter-ethnic relations.  

The document envisages refinements to the normative legal base in the area of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations, studying how ethnic groups formed, and the history of movement of ethnic Ukrainians and other national minorities. It also speaks of ensuring equality between all groups and increasing liability for inciting inter-ethnic, racial and religious enmity.

The draft law also talks of drawing up and implementing state target and regional programmes for the resettlement, social adaptation and integration into Ukrainian society of people deported on the grounds of their national group (under Stalin – translator), including ethnic Ukrainians persecuted for their ideological convictions.

The Cabinet of Ministers information stresses that the implementation of the Conceptual Framework envisages the affirmation and functioning of the State language in all spheres of public life. At the same time the development of national minority languages is guaranteed, together with the creation in areas where there is a large population of people from an ethnic minority of the conditions for bringing up and teaching children in the native language and for its study.

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