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Odessa journalist receives suspended sentence for inciting racial enmity


The Prymorsky Court in Odessa has handed down a one and a half year suspended sentence to the Editor of the newspaper “Nashe dyelo” Igor Volyn-Danilov. 

At the court hearing Volyn-Danilov admitting the charge of inciting racial enmity, while also stating that he was rejecting any use in future of the newspaper in the interests of any political party, as well as any material aimed at provocation.

As reported here, in January 2008 the Odessa City Prosecutor launched criminal proceedings over incitement to racial enmity and xenophobia which it found in an article in “Nashe dyelo” entitled “Kill the best of the goyim”. The author used as pseudonym the name Julius Streicher (after the Nazi publisher of the newspaper Der Stürmer who was sentenced to death at Nuremburg for his prominent role in the Nazi propaganda machine).  The article appeared in spring 2007 and received a lot of publicity in Odessa. .

According to the Press Secretary of the Jewish Community in Odessa, the conclusion which the author attempted to foist upon his readers was that Judaism is, from a universal point of view, criminal and immoral, etc. The article had clearly outraged members of the Jewish community. 

The Odessa Region department of the Security Service [SBU] established the author’s identity and on the basis of the information provided, the Odessa Prosecutor initiated a criminal investigation over incitement of inter-ethnic enmity and xenophobia and on 15 January the self-titled “Juliius Streicher was charged under Article 161 § 2 of the Criminal Code. 

The founder of the newspaper is the regional charitable fund “East – West”, which is headed by the same Igor Volyn-Danilov.

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