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Proposed changes to system of insulin supply deferred

The Cabinet of Ministers had been proposing to provide money for insulin to people suffering from diabetes directly. Huge concern had been expressed by doctors and civic organizations, especially given the economic crisis

As reported already, the Cabinet of Ministers had been proposing to change the present system where local authorities purchase insulin through a tender system. Instead it was planned that people with diabetes would receive the money for insulin directly and be able to decide themselves which specific insulin to buy.

The Ministry of Health reports on its official website that a meeting of the Coordination Council on Assistance to People with Diabetes was held to discuss ensuring supplies of vital insulin in 2009.

At it, representatives of civic organizations and endocrinologists came out strongly against any such changes.

Specific concerns raised were: the likelihood that payments would not come on time, which can be life-threatening for a person depending on insulin; that in a time of economic crisis, it couldn’t be guaranteed that the money would not go on other needs, maintaining the family, etc; that chemists might not be able to supply the types of insulin wanted in a timely fashion, particularly in district centres or rural areas; how the state could control increase in prices for insulin and whether patients might not end up without insulin at all due to inflation.  A further major concern was that healthcare institutions who provide emergency care or specifically help people with diabetes could, under such a system, be left without supplies of insulin. 

Given that all these issues are extremely acute at present due to the economic crisis, the Council agreed and issued a recommendation to defer any such changes to when the economic situation stabilizes.

From information on the Ministry of Health’s website

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