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Former Head of Lviv SIZO convicted of beating prisoners

02.02.2009    source:
The court passed a 3.5 year suspended sentence on Vasyl Romanyshyn

The Halytsky District Court in Lviv has passed verdict in the case of former Head of the Lviv pre-trial detention centre [SIZO], Vasyl Romanyshyn and issued a three and a half year suspended sentence.

He had been accused of repeated brutal beatings of both prisoners and SIZO staff.

On 8 July 2005 9 officers of the SIZO, including five doctors, declared a hunger strike demanding that Romanyshyn be dismissed. They accused him of corruption, beating prisoners and tactless behaviour to colleagues. 

Following this over 100 SIZO employees addressed a statement to the Head of the State Department for the Execution of Sentences in support of their boss.

Back in May 17 SIZO employees had addressed an appeal to the same Department alleging unlawful behaviour by Romanyshyn. Nnothing was done then however after the hunger strike, Romanyshyn was dismissed from his post.

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