Human trafficking victims not receiving compensation

21.04.2009 |

Ukrainian women who were forced into prostitution in Israel more often than not don’t receive the compensation they’re owed in spite of court rulings. This was the finding of a human rights organization which checked statistics of rulings enforced.

In order to step up the fight against human trafficking involving women from CIS countries, Israeli courts are increasingly imposing fines on pimps and ordering them to pay compensation to their victims. The amounts can reach a thousand a month, which is money that would help the women with rehabilitation and return to Ukraine.

No control over the payment of compensation

However most of the victims do not see this money. Whereas payment of the fine to the State is overseen by the law enforcement agency, nobody monitors whether the compensation payments are made. According to Rita Khaikina from the organization “Woman to woman”, women generally don’t know how to get the compensation. “They don’t know what it’s about, what the conditions are. We look for them through the police, the immigration department, we begin discrete correspondence to get the process of extracting compensation started.”

The human rights defenders suggest preparing a single mechanism of control over compensation. At the end of last year, the Israeli Ministry of Justice came out with an initiative to create a special State fund which would take on itself the obligation to ensure rehabilitation and payment of compensation to victims of human trafficking from Ukraine and other CIS countries.

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