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Morality Commission signs memorandum with Telecommunications Chamber of Ukraine


The National Expert Commission for the Protection of Public Morality has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Telecommunications Chamber of Ukraine headed by Oleksandr Lyakhov.

Mr Lyakhov said that the memorandum came after six months of cooperation. He added that his organization has 27 providers and is interested in cooperation with the Commission, for example, on creating a system of monitoring of viewers.

The document contains considerable amounts of verbiage and statements of intention. The parties to the memorandum agree to hold consultations, working groups etc on ensuring adherence to legislation on public morality.

“Within the framework of their cooperation, the Parties will carry out measures aimed at improving the criteria for public morality and models of behaviour”.

The Commission has already signed a “Charter on partnership for the sake of information rights and freedoms and the protection of public morality with nationwide television channels, a Memorandum of cooperation with the Internet Association of Ukraine, and others.

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