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CVU concerned over attempts to get more than 20 thousand votes declared invalid

27.01.2010    source:

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has expressed concern over the situation at the Bila Tserkva Territorial Electoral Precinct No. 91. It believes that this precinct could provide the prototype for technology aimed at mass distortion of the election results during the second round of voting. The technology essentially creates a situation which leads to the legitimate announcing of the elections at any polling station invalid.

The district electoral commission of the electoral precinct No. 91 [DEC No. 91] with its illegal actions at first tried to disrupt the elections at half of the rural precinct electoral commission [PEC] of the Bila Tserkva district, and is now endeavouring to declare the elections at those polling stations invalid.

DEC No. 91 on 15 January 2010 passed a decision making large-scale changes to members of precinct electoral commissions whose authority was suspended at the submission of candidates’ authorized representatives. Such submissions were from representatives of V. Yanukovych, L. Suprun, V. Protyvsikh, S. Ratushnyak and M. Brodsky.

On 17 January, due to these actions by the DEC No. 91, there was no quorum at 28 polling precincts. The Head of the DEC from candidate Brodsky refused to register new members of precinct electoral commissions and proposed beginning the morning meeting and holding the voting without a quorum. This issue was put on the agenda and the district commission passed a Resolution which recommended that all precinct electoral commissions begin their morning sessions without a quorum. In view of this the electoral commissions began their work and allowed people to vote.

Yet when the protocols were being accepted on the election results DEC No. 91 which had itself taken the decision on voting without a quorum began talking about unlawful voting at those precincts and refused to accept the protocols, pending elucidation from the Central Election Commission. According to CVU information an appeal has already been lodged with the court to have the elections at the 28 polling stations where the voting commenced without a quorum declared invalid. If the court passes this ruling, then the votes of over 20 thousand people will be invalidated.

CVU considers that this situation was provoked by district electoral commission No. 91 and its head, V. Pidhaina, and calls on the law enforcement agencies to respond

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