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Parliament declares environmental emergency in Kalush


The Verkhovna Rada has declared the area including the city of Kalush and two villages – Kropyvnyk and Sivka-Kaluska – in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast an environmental emergency zone. The law affirming the relevant Presidential Decree was supported by virtually all National Deputies.

The Decree states that as a result of bad decisions previously taken regarding the location and exploitation of tailing and other dumps, accumulators and methods for eliminating mine cavities from chemical industries in the area, the environmental balance in the rock mass was disrupted leading to a number of places where the ground has collapsed, the destruction of houses and communications, and salinization of water in the above-mentioned areas.

The Decree and law envisage, among a number of measures, that the Cabinet of Ministers will ensure immediate measures to get people to leave areas of risk voluntarily and find them first temporary and then permanent accommodation, as well as measures to stop the contamination of water supplies. 

Additional funds for the local budget and for measures to normalize the environmental situation must be allocated within a week.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for the Economy must turn to international organizations and foreign governments asking for humanitarian and technical assistance to normalize the environmental situation in Kalush and the two villages, Kropyvnyk and Sivka-Kaluska and help attract investment in their socio-economic development.

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