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Posters with Stalin for Victory anniversary in Moscow

18.02.2010    source:

According to the Russian website Life News, the Moscow authorities are planning to have posters showing Joseph Stalin on the eve of Victory Day (in Russia this is 9 May).

“They will be information stands which talk about the role of the Chief Commander in the great victory”, a source from the Moscow Committee for Advertising, Information and Presentation stated – “Such stands will appear by 15 April and they will be positioned where home guard units were formed. They’ll become decorating the streets for the festive day from 1 April”.

There have, apparently, been repeated requests from pensioners and various veteran associations to have such portraits. Up till now the portraits have not been used for this purpose for several decades.

According to a survey carried out by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, carried out in December 2009, 29% of Russians would like to see a politician like Stalin as head of state. That is far less than several years ago. In 2005 42 percent wanted to. The number of people opposed to Stalin has, on the contrary, risen – from 52 to 58 percent.

As reported here, in late August 2009 a stone was unveiled at the Kurskaya Circle Line Metro Station in Moscow with the inscription: “Stalin brought us up – to be true to the people. He inspired us to labour and to heroism!”.  The words were from Sergei Mikhalkov’s version of the national anthem, and were removed after Stalin was denounced back in 1956.


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