Ukraine is the main supplier of “human commodities” to Israel

18.02.2010 |

According to figures for 2009, the largest number of victims of human trafficking reached Israel from Ukraine. The statistics were presented at a special session of the Israeli Parliament’s Commission on Combating Human Trafficking.  

What the visa-free regime will bring

Officials at the session acknowledged the problem and said that it remained serious despite attempts to curb the number of Ukrainian women being brought into the country.  They believe that the plans to introduce a visa-less regime between the two countries could worsen the problem. Independent specialists, such as OSCE and UNDP Adviser Joachim Ben-Meir, consider such fears to be unfounded.

The number of Ukrainian women brought into Israel over the last 10 years was so large that dozens still need legal aid in Israel. In the last few days the US State Department honoured the Israeli Human Rights Centre “Woman to Woman” and Simferopol –born Rita Khaikina for courage in helping Ukrainian women in difficulty”. Ms Khaikina, speaking to Deutsche Welle, say that a lot still needed to be done in both countries to protect women’s rights so that they’re not forced to try their luck in the West. She believes that the Ukrainian government needs to work on not only rehabilitation projects from victims of human trafficking, but also on improving employment and professional development programmes for working women in Ukraine.

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