Victor Yanukovych rejects predecessor’s projects

06.04.2010 |

President Yanukovych has issued decrees dissolving a number of commissions and advisory bodies working under the Secretariat of his predecessor, Viktor Yushchenko.

These include the Interdepartmental Commission on Preparing Ukraine for Joining NATO as well as the National Centre on Issues of Euro-Atlantic Integration. Some observers in Ukraine see this as evidence of a move away from Kyiv’s Euro-Atlantic course. Others point to a number of other decrees which could simply reflect the wish to reject projects initiated by the previous Administration.

A Decree on optimizing activities in developing scientific principles for national security dissolves the Institute on Issues of National Security and the National Institute on Issues of International Security, however their functions are passed to the National Institute of Strategic Studies.

Victor Yanukovych has also dissolved the National Constitutional Council, the Council on Ethno-National Policy, the National Council on Cultural and Spiritual Issues, the National Commission for the Strengthening of Democracy and Affirmation of the Rule of Law, the Consultative Council on the Development of Agriculture, as well as the National Charity Council “Warm a Child with your Love”, headed by former President Yushchenko’s daughter.

The new President has also rejected the services of the Coordination Council on HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis and Drug Addiction, the working group on improving privatization legislation, local self-government, construction of accessible housing and the Commission on the Reform of Ministry of Internal Affairs bodies, and a council on creating an “Artistic Arsenal” complex. This project had been initiated and run by Viktor Yushchenko. Before leaving office, the latter issued a decree making himself Head of the Supervisory Council of the cultural-artistic and museum complex “Artistic Arsenal” which he had already given “national” status.

As well as dissolving a number of institutes and committees created at Viktor Yushchenko’s instruction, Victor Yanukovych has created a number of his own structures. These include a Committee on Preparation for and the Holding of the Final Part of the Football Championship Euro 2012 which he himself has headed, as well as a Public Humanitarian Council which is headed by the Deputy Head of the President’s Administration Hanna Herman.

Observers previously noted that humanitarian policy under President Yanukovych – in particularly connected with the Deputy Prime Minister on Humanitarian Issues, Volodymyr Semynozhenko and the Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk had come under the management of people known for their statements supporting closer links between Kyiv and Moscow.

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