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Government doubles expenditure on parliamentarians’ media coverage

05.05.2010    source:
Given other areas where the government has seen fit to reduce spending, such as on the Department Monitoring Human Rights in the Work of the Police, such a sharp increase seems at very least startling

“Telekrytyka” has studied the media implications of the State Budget for 2010 passed in a record time of 10 minutes following the scandalous events in the Verkhovna Rada on 27 April over ratification of the agreement on the Black Sea Fleet and cheaper gas.  It reports that almost 12 million UAH [11.802] are allocated for coverage of the activities of National Deputies [MPs]. This is almost double the figure for 2009 (6,231 million UAH).

Financial support for the official newspaper Holos Ukrainy and journal “Viche” have only slightly increased.  There is a more significant increase in the spending on the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee [from 604,712 million UAH to 677,643 million]. However the main amount, as last year will be on producing television and radio programmes for State needs and their broadcasting.

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