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Kharkiv Environmental Inspectorate to check legality of tree felling

31.05.2010    source:

The Kharkiv Regional Environmental Inspectorate has told journalists that it is carrying out a check to determine whether environmental legislation has been observed during the feeling of trees to make way for a road through Gorky Park. It says that it has sent formal requests for information. It has approached the relevant bodies to find out whether the choice of land for the road, the construction plan and act confirming the survey regarding the trees needing to be cut were agreed with the Kharkiv Regional Department for the Environment. It is also asking the City Council whether the necessary permit to cut down the trees was obtained.

It says that on the basis of this information it will be able to decide whether the work was legal or not.  Please see Lawless Start to Euro-2012 for claims and counter-claims regarding whether the work had the relevant authorization.

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