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All court rulings regarding Gorky Park defenders will be appealed

06.06.2010    source:

Appeals will be lodged against all guilty verdicts passed by the Dzherzhynsky District Court in Kharkiv on those defending the trees being felled unlawfully in Gorky Park.  This was stated by Yevhen Zakharov, Co-Chair of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group in an interview to “Glavnoye” following the first court rulings. He pointed out that although rulings in administrative cases are final and cannot officially be appealed, any restriction of freedom are subject to appeal. This, he stresses, is the position of the European Court of Human Rights.

“Since European Court judgments are a source of law in our legal system in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, it is possible, relying on this norm, to appeal the rulings”. He says that he is convinced that the Court of Appeal will accept such cases.

The hearings in the cases of those detained on 28 May are scheduled for 8 June. “On Tuesday the hearing should take place, the judge has examined the file material and has summoned the police. She seems to want to ascertain all unclear points of which there are in fact a number. The main points are linked with the fact that the protocol, as far as I am aware, talks of things that were not the case. I think the examination will be concluded on Tuesday.”

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