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President’s Guard disperses peaceful gathering of Crimean Tatars

22.06.2010    source:

UNIAN, citing the civic organization Avdet reports that President Yanukovych’s guards have broken up a peaceful protest by Crimean Tatars held outside the President’s Administration in Kyiv.

The peaceful demonstration was organized to protest at the lack of possibility for several years now to receive land legally for building homes.

On 21 June around 100 Crimean Tatars organized a picket outside the building of the President’s Administration in order to draw the President’s attention to the land issue in the Crimea. They had banners reading “Officials must answer for sabotaging the President’s Initiatives”; “Land to the people”; “The land issue in the Crimea is under the President’s control”. According to the Avdet information the participants in the demonstration were elderly people deprived of their land through the Deportation and young people who do not have land.

On 22 June the President’s guard read the picketers a ruling from the District Administrative Court in Kyiv. The ruling prohibits A.A. Mambetov from holding an indefinite picket outside the President’s Administration. “The court ruling must be enforced immediately”.

The demonstrators consider this restriction of the right of Crimean inhabitants to peaceful assembly to be discriminatory and a violation of the Constitution.

They add that the ruling states that neither the claimant nor respondent appeared in court, and say that they knew nothing of the court hearing. They are adamant that the ruling is absolute unlawful and unconstitutional. Their report states that they were warned that they must wind up the picket within an hour and their attention was directed to two buses with Special Forces [Spetsnaz] officers and a prison van.

Slightly abridged from the report here:

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