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Cruel torment of the former Vice-President of YUKOS, Vasily Aleksanian may be over

25.06.2010    source:

Vasily Aleksanian’s case has been officially terminated.

Former YUKOS Vice President Vasily Aleksanian appeared in court to give his consent for the case to be terminated on the grounds of expiry of the period of limitation.

Although the doctors banned him from attending public places as it would endanger his health, Aleksanian came to the court to state his position. His lawyer Gevorg Dangyan said: "The court will have to rule, it is imperative. The only condition is the defendant’s consent."

"I have a degree in law and I clearly understand what the consequences will be if the case is dropped without exoneration," he told the Moscow Simonovsky court, Itar-Tass writes. "But I have no time to strive for truth, therefore I do not object." While it is regarded as a formality (as Aleksanyan has already agreed that the court drops the case), his attorney Gevorg Dangyan said that "one cannot be 100% sure of anything".
Prosecutor Nikolai Vlasov said: "In connection with the expiration of the statute of limitations there are grounds to dismiss the criminal case, to stop the criminal prosecution."

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