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Return to political principle for distributing broadcasting frequencies

30.06.2010    source:

The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday elected their quota of representatives to the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council. Having ignored those proposed by civic organizations and the opposition, they chose only representatives from the ruling coalition – two from the Party of the Regions, one each from Lytvyn’s bloc and the Communists.

Specialists believe that frequencies will again be divided on political grounds. A National Deputy from BYuT, Oleh Lyashko, said that the result was a victory for the Head of the SBU [Security Service] Valery Khoroshkovsky since he claims three of them are Khoroshkovsky’s “creations”. Iryna Herashchenko from Our Ukraine called the vote for candidates from the ruling coalition a spit in the face of civic society, with not one civic proposal having been supported.

The President of the Ukrainian Press Academy Valery Ivanov is convinced that politicians will continue interfering in media matters until there’s a law clearly stipulating the quota from civic organizations and other public institutions. He points out that in Germany politicians have absolutely no influence on who gets frequencies. He stresses that now Ukraine’s opposition will not get on air because when they were in power they did not take the opportunity to bring in proper laws. It’s when they make laws for both the government and the opposition, that you get honest laws.

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