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President’s guard not to face criminal investigation over assault on journalist


Serhiy Andrushko has had his application for the guard who assaulted him on 15 June charged with obstruction of a journalist carrying out his professional duties. The Prosecutor apparently decided that the guard had been “carrying out his official duties”.

As reported already, STB journalist, Serhiy Andrushko had full accreditation and was carrying out his professional duties when, on Tuesday 15 June he was approached by a guard who refused to provide identification. When the journalist warned that he would film the incident, he was thrown to the ground. The picture can be seen here:

Serhiy Andrushko says that another guard had joined in, but that they let him go when they saw they were being filmed.

The civic movement “Stop Censorship!” issued a statement on 16 June demanding that the name of the guard be revealed and that he be released and face criminal charges for obstructing a journalist.

The official investigation into the assault is, according to the Deputy Head of the President’s Administration, H. Herman, scheduled to end on 16 July. Ms Herman reiterated apologies for the incident which rather clashes with the Prosecutor’s decision that the guard was carrying out his duties. But then so do the facts, and the above photograph.

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