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Park defenders’ camp cordoned off by barbed wire

08.07.2010    source:
Barbed wire is being erected along where the illegal tree felling is continuing, including, it would seem, on an area where human remains were uncovered a week ago

Workers at Gorky Park where the tree felling, supposedly for the construction of a road, is continuing, have already cordoned off the tree defenders’ camp, where 10 tents are erected for those keeping vigil. According to a reporter from the Glavnoye information agency, poles for the barbed wire are being erected along where the trees are being cut down.

There are also several numbered trees on the other side of the barbed wire which the park’s defenders assume are also to be cut down. At present the number of trees felled is over a thousand despite the fact that the original decision from 19 May (backed by no permits, environmental impact assessment or public hearings – translator) was for 503 trees.

Furthermore, according to the Glavnoye correspondent, the cordoned-off area also contains the land where human remains were found last week.

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